Friday, September 9, 2011

This is no joke!!!!!!!

Well I have my christmas tree up and running. Every year at the end of September early October I have friends that come down from Quebec. So I get the house ready for an early Christmas .( Well even if they were not coming I propably still would put it up. ) As you know from my blog I LOVE Christmas. So I am showing you the beginning, it took me years to collect all the ornaments as I love the doll faces, teacups, dresses, old time Santas ect.... I don't have under the tree finished yet but I"m working on it!!!!!!  Here is a preview!!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness Linda, you certainly are an early bird! What a lovely thing to do for your friends though and your tree is stunning. All those beautiful ornaments are truly amazing. Lee x

  2. I love Christmas too! I always put my tree up early when I had kids at home. Now I find living in a smaller house it is more work than fun but still do it. I think your tree is gorgeous. I have my ornaments that I have saved for years too!
    Collected them from everywhere I traveled. Will you have more than one tree?

  3. Your tree is Gorgeous Linda. There's a lot of lovely ornaments there lol. I bet they all bring some kind of memories back when you hang them. Your friends will love haveing an early Christmas....I would.

  4. Linda, what a lovely tree! I know you love Christmas but you're scaring me now as I'm nowhere near organised! EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK! lol
    Dawn xx

  5. Wow!! You are sure early!!! Very pretty!!
    I have a friend who puts up 8 trees!!!
    I have a hard enough time putting up one!!

  6. oh's wonderful! how lovely to have an early Christmas to share with friends! your tree looks seeing some of the ornaments up close! Merry Christmas! :)
    hugs & blessings

  7. Gorgeous tree Linda,gets us all in the mood to make Christmas cards. Thanks for sharing
    Hugs Julie P

  8. Wow, how pretty! I know what you mean about taking years to collect the ornaments... same here and I love each and every one!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful tree!
    Crafty Hugs,

  9. Oh wow Linda, this is absolutely amazing. How very pretty. What gorgeous ornaments you have. Love Christmastime too, but we have HOT one's unfortunately. WOuld love a winter, white one. hugs Sharon

  10. Ho-ho-ho Linda, you are my kind of gal, I too luv Christmas! Your vintage looking ornaments are amazing, thanks for sharing. Ü
    Barb in Texas

  11. Your tree is beautiful along with all of those gorgeous ornaments that you've collected.
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  12. Love, love, love Christmas. Wish I could put up my tree as early as you do. Love all your decorations for the tree.