Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wow 6 Blog Awards

Well tonight I feel a little sentimentel!!!! I just received an email honoring me with 6 blog awards!!!!! We leave thousands of comments and encouragement on each others blogs but always there seems to be people that we meet and think geez I would really love to meet this person in real life. I am so very happy that I started blogging!!!!There is nothing like coming home after a bad day and getting cheered up by comments or emails. I thank all of you who take the time to make me smile, laugh and inspired!!!! Now these 6 awards come from a very talented lady Lisa from If you have not had the chance to visit her blog please take a look at her blog!!!! She has some amazing creation one which is a card of a skater and the skater actually skates across the card!!!! Wow!!!! So much talent in blogland and so little time!!!!! AH AH!!!

To all my lovely followers please if you are visiting me please grab one or all and display it on your blog from me!!!!!!I appreciate all of you!!!! Have a great night!!!!!


  1. WoW! Linda that's some awards! Congratuations.

  2. I am soooooooooooo pleased for you. I will take a couple of the awards and paste on my blog saying they have come from you. You truly deserve these awards as I always enjoy visiting your blog and will hop ove and have a look at Lisa's. Well done and Happy Crafting.

    Sending crafty hugs :)

  3. Oh Linda, this is absolutely stunning honey. How wonderful. I feel the same about getting home and reading the lovely comments my bloggy friends leave me. Enjoy, lovely visiting you. My card not arrive yet? hugs Sharon x

  4. Congratulations oh talented one on high!!