Saturday, July 23, 2011


Well blogging friends this morning I am venting. So very upset with what has been happening here in my craft room!!!!  First of all I bought a expression cricket machine back in January of this year and it has died on me. I contacted the company and not sure at this point if they will do anything for me.
Secondly and most important is my followers and the yahoo magnolia group, and the rak club that I belong to. I started having problems a few months ago with my email, I could receive emails but some of my emails did not reach their destination and people thought that I was not answering them!!!!!My @ was not working properly and I guess some of my emails are still in outer space thus giving some the impression that I was not responding to their emails. Then I could not leave comments on such peoples blogs such as Dawns crafting, Trish and Treasure, The shabby Tea room and the list goes on. I thought it was blogger acting up. A lot of my blogger friends I have not been able to comment as it was saying the page could not be displayed and all of these blogger friends are people that I visit on a regular basis. Well after spending 5 hours last night trying to fix this mess I finally did it. Being somewhat computer illeterate I found out that I had somehow switched from explorer 8 to explorer 9.
With some help from google I uninstalled the 9 went back to the 8 and now everything is working fine. So please accept this apology.It really upset me and I am sorry if some of my blogging friends thought I was ignoring their emails or blogs!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!



  1. Oh Linda, I'm sorry you are having problems with your Cricut and computer...hope everything turns out ok with the machine and glad you are finally up and running on the computer!!!
    Rene :D

  2. Oh! Linda. So sorry to hear you have been having all these problems...
    Hope you now get something sorted out with your Cricut.

  3. Oh it sure is a bummer when our lifeline is not working..i couldn't imagine being out of touch. I had some trouble a way back and couldn't see my blogs i follow, man that was driving me crazy. Glad to see things back on track.
    p.s. i have some blog candy up, come check it out...

  4. Awww well done on getting sorted out! I never thought of that one but I do know that explorer 9 doesn't like bloggers! I had it for about 5mins & then removed it quick sharpish after that!
    Big well done hugs on getting sorted by yourself!
    Dawn xx

  5. Linda I think we have all been having problems so no apology necessary. I can't wait to see what you are up to!

  6. The same thing happened to me. Switched to Google chrome for blogging and everything is fine now. I am glad you got it figured out :)

  7. Hi Linda
    Being 'not very good with computers' myself, your experience sounds awful! Glad it is all sorted for you and you can enjoy blogging again. Thanks for yout lovely comments on my blog
    Hugs Julie P

  8. Oh how frustrating! First of all thanks for the comment on my HP T-shirts :) I bought an expression in Jan and it died 1 month later. Good thing I bought it at Walmart and they just exchanged it for me! And the Explorer might have been one of those automatic updates or a click of the mouse you didn't realize you made. Good thing my hubby is a computer geek! LOL!! Glad you're back :)


  9. Hi Linda,

    I still can't follow you, will you check and see if I am a follower? When I click on follow, I get this weird firecracker looking far as the Expression is concerned. When mine died,I called Provo Craft and complained and finally worked out a deal where they sent me a "referbshed" one for $100.00 they paid for shipping and it came with two cartridges that I already had so I sold them on e-bay for $36.00 each and then I also got a new mat, new blade, so I wasn't very unhappy, refurbished on works great! Don't let them sell it to your for more than $100 and make them pay shipping! I did not have to send the old one back.

  10. Oh Linda poor you. I hope you get the cricut sorted and sending you a big crafty hug :)

  11. I'm really sorry to hear this. First of all, they should replace or something with your current cricut. 6 months isn't long enough. My cuttlebug broke in 6 months, and i didn't keep the receipt cuz who would think the expensive machine dies on us in 6 months! But the company was very understanding, as if they always have the same problem! ha! anyways, hope the problem will be fixed somehow. oh, e-mails.... it seems like Everybody gets these problems, Linda! e-mails became so convenient in our lives, but when it messes up, it messes THINGS UP MORE than before e-mail existed! Glad you are back now, though :-) Hope you are having a better weekend! :-)

  12. I'm glad you figured out the problem Linda. I had the same problem and switched from Explorer to Firefox and things are working ok now too. So sorry about your cricut problems, hopefully the company will send you a replacement.

  13. Linda hugs. I know how frustrating that can be. Don't worry, I am sure every one can understand your dilemma.

  14. so sorry to hear all this Linda, I can imagine how frustrating it is! sending cyber HUGS!

    I've heard many stories about provocraft not standing behind their products, hope you can get yours sorted out with no cost to you!!!
    take care,
    hugs & blessings

  15. Oh Linda, I am so sorry to hear about your problems. I hope you get your Cricut fixed soon - how frustrating. I hope they send you a replacement. I had all kinds of problems with Explorer, even getting viruses. I switched to Firefox and I love it. I've not had any problems with it. I will never go back to IE. I hope you are having a great day :)


  16. I am so sorry to hear about your computer issues but am glad that you were able to fix them on your own. I also want to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, it means a lot to me.
    Have a great day!!!
    Hugs, Karen

  17. Oh Linda honey, so sorry to read about your cricket problems... I don't have those fancy machines... only have a cuttlebug! Pleased you've sorted your email problems out as I love hearing from you, thanks so much for your regular visits and apologies for not coming around more often, but hey... I'm making up for it now. xx