Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wow I just received my first award yipee!!!!!!

I guess the rules are that i have to name 7 things about myself so here goes
1. I love all types of crafts
2.I love to buy all the  crafting magazines from the Uk. and Australia
3.I love reading all the historical sagas from Uk authors Dee Williams,Dilly Court
Rosie Goodwin and so many more
4.I love drinking Coca Cola
5. I should be dieting but I'll start tomorrow or the day after or next week!!!!!
6. I was atravel agent for 18 years so I have visited many countries and met so many nice people
7.I left the best one for last... I am so grateful to have met so many nice bloggers and I would like to thank Dawn at
For making my day !!!!!!!! and giving me this award!!!!!
Now I need to send this award to others so I will pick 15 bloggers
Now i just have to figure out how to do this but I will !!!!!!!!

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